Permanent lip makeup: everything you need to know about the procedure

We will not tell you whether to make a permanent or not – it’s a matter of taste. But if you decide to have a procedure, you should know everything you can about it. We can help you with that.

Permanent lip makeup, also known as lip tattooing, is something that causes a lot of controversy among makeup artists, cosmetologists, and all ladies in principle. In General, there are no people who would be indifferent to it. It’s either like, or makes your eyebrows fly up almost to the hairline horror.

Seriously, how much have you heard about the horrors of permanent lip makeup? And how many photos in the network with the results of lip tattooing before and after that are frightening? All this discourages even the slightest desire to do a lip tattoo. And yet, there are perfect types of lip tattooing that look quite natural, performing their primary function – correcting the shortcomings of the anatomical shape of the lips.

What is permanent lip makeup?

Lip tattooing, or permanent makeup, is the introduction of natural dyes under the upper layer of the epidermis using a particular device with a skinny needle. It is the use of natural dyes, without preservatives, artificial flavors and other additives, that reduces the likelihood of allergic reactions to zero.

Now, depending on the salon, you can choose almost any shade for tattooing – from Nude to red, pink and brown. Masters recommend selecting a shade to match the tone of the lips, mixing several dyes at once, so that the lips look as natural as possible.