Tears of a mermaid: what is this trend and how to implement it

Regardless of whether you like bright colors in makeup or not, one trend has captured the hearts of absolutely all the beauties of the world. It is called “tears of the mermaid”, let’s find out more about what it is.

How to make mermaid tears

Mermaid tears are bright colored shadows applied exclusively in the area of the tear channels. Why has this makeup become so popular? First, it opens the eyes, makes them look more expressive, and emphasizes all the advantages, distracting from the shortcomings. And, secondly, everyone will be able to make it, and for 5 minutes, and this purpose it is not necessary to register in the salon and spend a considerable amount. Suddenly invited to a party and there is no time for packing? Read below about the simple technique of the most trendy makeup this season.

The technique starts with choosing a color. Specialists always refer to the client’s skin tone and eye color, or an old-fashioned color circle. Since we are not experts, the easiest way is to bring color to your face and see what compliments your skin and eye tone or look at tables from color theory. You can focus on clothes, for example, if you are going to wear a white dress with blue accents, you already know which “tear” will perfectly complement your image-blue or blue.

To achieve perfect mermaid tears, the correct brush is also essential. Determine the size depending on the place where you apply the product. For a small space, use a smaller brush for precise application. To get sharp lines, use a small corner brush.

If you want your makeup to stand out, use cream or liquid formulas, and for a soft and feathered effect, powdery eye shadows are suitable.

You can cover the rest of your eyelids with neutral shades, such as shimmering brown or dark gray.

The main advantage of this trend is no “no”. Experiment with colors and shapes, look for what suits you best, and don’t be afraid that you will do something wrong or choose the wrong shade. Any will be suitable.