Why do nails grow and what influences this process

We will tell you why nails grow, and what is their basis. Many reasons affect their growth. However we can influence this process in some cases.

Why do people grow nails?

If a nail breaks off accidentally, we don’t feel it. This is because the nail is formed by dead cells. No blood vessels pass through it. That is, its nutrition is somewhat different from that of other cells in the body. How does the process of nail growth occur if they are dead matter ?

Keratin protein is the building material of nails. It’s pretty solid. Its task is to protect the delicate skin of the finger.

At the base of each nail is a semicircle of white-lunula. In this part of the nail, the keratin protein is synthesized. Lunula produces new tissue that is added to the old one.

It turns out that the new cells push the old ones forward.

The cuticle protects the hole from mechanical damage

The edge of the nail is white, not pink. This is because the nail leaves its bed and loses the base through which the blood vessels pass.

Why do nails grow fast?

In a right-handed person, the nails on the working hand grow faster than on the left. The fact is that the active hand has a better blood supply. The same situation is observed with nails on the one hand. Some fingers are better supplied with nutrients, and the nails on them grow faster. To speed up the growth of the nail, it is enough to improve blood circulation with the help of massage.

Various factors affect the speed of nail growth:

  • Age.
  • Food.
  • Hormonal background.
  • Cosmetics for nails.
  • Frequent exposure of nails to water.
  • Mechanical trauma.
  • Heredity.

Some factors we can influence and accelerate the growth of nails.

With age, all processes slow down, including the production of keratin protein. Strict diets and lack of nutrients have a negative effect on the nails. Iron, calcium, and protein are especially necessary for growth. The constant use of shellac and nail extensions prevents the plate from breathing and slows down its growth.

Changing the hormonal background also affects the synthesis of keratin. As a rule, during pregnancy, due to a hormonal surge, nail plates grow quickly.

Damage to the cuticle or lunule leads to slowing or stopping the growth of the nail. The nails of the feet get more negative effects and microtraumas: pressure with shoes, socks, bumps when tripping. This is why the nail plates on the feet grow more slowly.

In certain cases, we can influence the growth of nails. Proper care and nutrition will ensure their beauty.