5 ways to care for dry skin without cosmetics

Simple tips that will save you from skin problems


Do not be lazy before going to bed, immediately after water treatments, apply oil to the skin. It is not necessary to use a ready-made lotion, natural oils will be an excellent alternative: coconut, avocado, olive. The latter, by the way, Sophia Loren considers the main tool of her beauty: the actress applied it instead of cream to the skin, removed makeup with it, used it as a strengthening agent for hair and even took baths with it. It is best to apply the oil to still wet skin, before wiping with a towel — so it will retain moisture longer.


In the winter season, we are ready to bask in a hot bath every day or stand for a long time under a warming shower. But the price for this pleasure will be high: frequent skin contact with hot water is the cause of premature aging, flabbiness and sagging. The skin becomes dry and more prone to irritation. Not to mention the fact that hot water treatments have a negative impact on men’s and women’s health.

Do not allow the skin to become wrinkled from long exposure to water. Reduce the time of water treatments, and to maintain skin elasticity, it is better to take a contrast shower. For warming, it is more useful to go to the bath or Hamam.


Cosmetologists do not recommend using scrubs often-they say, so we deprive the skin of a protective layer. But once every 10 days, the skin needs a light peeling not only for cleansing and renewal, but also for better interaction with moisturizers. The same oil is much better absorbed after exfoliation and longer retain moisture inside the skin. Again, you don’t have to go to the store for a scrub: you can make an exfoliant with natural abrasive particles from coffee or by mixing olive oil with sugar and coarse sea salt.


During cold weather, it is important to follow several recommendations for washing. First, do not abuse hot water. Secondly, it is better to avoid washing products with a high content of alkali, alcohol, sulfates, which wash the skin “until it creaks”: this way we will provoke even more dryness and peeling. Third, after cleansing the skin, do not forget to moisturize with oil. Finally, do not RUB the skin with a towel.


The heating season adds to the problems of already suffering from cold skin. The air in the room becomes very dry, and the skin is tight and over-dried. Minimal preventive measures will eliminate these problems: keep the humidity in the range of 30-60%, do not warm the room above 23 degrees and ventilate the room more often.