Autumn manicure 2020: new items that you want to show the master

Looking for stylish ideas for autumn manicure 2020? We have a fresh selection of Instagram designs for every taste!

The new nail design lifts your mood, increases confidence and becomes one of the main accessories of any image, wherever you go. If you want to refresh your style and find the same manicure for autumn 2020, use the ideas below.


Thanks to the Pantone color Institute, nails in mint, pistachio, lime and menthol shades have become a hot trend of the autumn-winter 2019/20 season. This light green color scheme looks especially cool under a matte finish and is in perfect harmony with the orange-terracotta palette of your favorite autumn bags and coats.


Eternal classics are relevant on nails at any time of the year, but it is especially often the choice of fashionistas with the arrival of cold weather. Red is like Nude in the warm months, and men consider it a very feminine and sexy accent in the image of a woman, whether it’s scarlet lipstick or manicure. So feel free to experiment with the color of love, seduction, confidence and passion on your nails.


In autumn, Burgundy manicure is more relevant than ever. In addition, this year it is considered one of the key fashion colors of the current season. It’s time to switch to darker shades in the choice of nail art, and we recommend starting with a deep wine palette.