It’s no secret that shining smooth skin is the dream of any person. By nature, we have different types of skin, and if we are the owners of the fat type, it seems to us that it is not possible to achieve the desired state of the skin at all. Oily skin is far from ideal, but this type is not as problematic as it is described by cosmetologists.

Increased salootdelenie of the facial skin is associated with the activated work of sebocytes, which is affected by many factors. An overabundance of nervous tension, disturbed hormonal metabolism, unsettled nutrition, frequent use of alcohol-based cosmetics, the presence of bad habits, long-term use of aggressive medications and chronic diseases affect the normal functioning of the sebaceous glands, causing an imbalance of nutrients inside the omentum and interrupting important biochemical reactions.

The most important components of proper care for oily skin is regular cleansing, nutrition and hydration, as well as compliance with basic rules of prevention. Timely and systematic care prevents not only the appearance of aesthetic problems, but also prevents the occurrence of pathologies within the body.

Just as we have built a daily routine, our skin has its own individual daily routine. It is always necessary to start the morning from the General excitement of the whole body, therefore, you need to take care of the awakening of the skin. The cells of the epidermis begin to work actively closer to ten o’clock in the morning, so in the case of an earlier rise, the morning care should be soft and gentle.

After sleeping, you must carefully but carefully clean the skin of the face from the accumulated dust during the night using a gel or foam for washing. Owners of oily skin are strongly advised not to wash with hot running water, for this purpose it is better to use filtered water with the addition of lemon juice or cold boiled water with chamomile infusion. In any case, do not use alcohol solutions for morning wiping: over-drying of the skin can lead to the occurrence of infectious diseases and provoke the release of skin fat, so that the skin will become even more glossy.

After washing with gel or foam, the skin should be toned with a tonic. A small amount of the product should be applied to a cotton pad and thoroughly blot the skin without friction. The use of tonic perfectly refreshes the skin, normalizing all metabolic processes within the cells of the epidermis, as well as stimulating blood flow in the capillaries of the skin of the face. After toning, the skin must be covered with a thin layer of nourishing cream to restore lipid balance and normalize water metabolism. The composition of the nourishing cream should not contain fatty acids, since the oily skin type does not require excessive hydration.

Pay attention to the towel that you use to wipe your face after washing. It should consist only of natural fibers, since artificial tissues can contribute to increased production of skin fat after prolonged contact with the skin of the face. Forget about the bad habit of rubbing your face after water treatments; for more effective elimination of oily skin without damaging the sebaceous ducts, you just need to gently blot your face, best of all with paper towels.

Contrary to all the advice about cleansing the skin with artificial means, every time it begins to Shine from excess sebum during the day, you need to wash only in the morning and in the evening. If you have an oily skin type, this means that this environment is the most optimal for all important physiological processes inside the epidermis, so third-party intervention should be minimized as much as possible. To remove excess sebum from the face during the day, you can use matting wipes. They carefully remove the top layer of sebum, without causing mechanical damage to the skin of the face and without touching the makeup.

In the evening, the face should be carefully cleaned of accumulated dirt and makeup residues during the day using lotions and make-up remover, foam or gel for washing, and then apply a thin ball of night cream, easily driving into the skin with your fingertips. Instead of a night cream, you can also use a serum for the skin of the face, it has a less dense texture and is better absorbed by the cells of the epidermis. Contrary to the opinion that the serum removes oily traces on the face, it is a fairly light tool that our skin absorbs with pleasure.

To effectively regulate the release of skin fat, the problem must be solved not only by external influence, but also by influencing the state of skin cells from the inside. Properly selected daily menu will ensure regular supply of the skin of the face with the necessary minerals and trace elements, so the omentum will be much better to do their job.

If you are determined to get rid of annoying excessive facial gloss, refuse to eat hot sauces, spices and spices, most store-bought products that can be replaced with home-made, food with artificial colors and preservatives in the composition, fried and too salty food, regular use of coffee, flour products and alcoholic beverages.

Meat of lean fish and poultry, beets and carrots are perfectly combined with the treatment of excessively oily skin of the face. Every day, it is advisable to drink at least 250 ml of homemade herbal tea infused with decoctions of chamomile, mint or lavender, include fresh vegetables and fruits in your diet, since they are a solid set of important vitamins, replace sweets with plums, honey, nuts, raisins and prunes, and prefer cooked and stewed food to fried and baked food.

For oily skin, you can perfectly take care of at home, using methods and means of folk therapy. To prepare a homemade mask for excessively glossy skin, you will need liquid honey, lemon juice and oatmeal. Grind the flakes to form flour, heat the honey slightly and add 20 ml of lemon juice. Use this mask is recommended at night, so that the skin after cosmetic procedures could properly relax.

Fans of traditional medicine struggle with oily Shine and dull skin tone with the help of olive oil and white clay. 50 ml of olive oil must be mixed with white clay to form a slurry, then add a herbal decoction of chamomile, which must be infused for at least an hour. Heated skin after applying the mask will be different ruddy appearance and the absence of visible layers of skin fat. Regular use of this mask will help restore the balance of metabolic processes within the cells of the epidermis.

Strawberry mask perfectly regulates the production of sebum. Strawberries need to be ground, add the protein separated from the yolk and a little milk. The mask must be applied in successive layers. After the first one has dried, apply the second, and then the third. This mask is perfectly dries the skin, without causing harm to the functioning of the sebaceous glands.

At home, you can also prepare a tonic that will need to wipe your face in the morning and evening. In filtered or boiled water, add essential oils of lavender, orange and cedar, let it infuse in a place inaccessible to sunlight, and use as intended.

Instead of piece lotions, you can prepare homemade, the composition of which will clearly be more useful for the condition of the skin. To do this, chop the cucumber, dilute the resulting slurry with cognac, pour boiling water, strain and put in the refrigerator. On the next day, the lotion can already be used.
You can also make a nourishing cream yourself by combining the most suitable components. Liquid honey must be mixed with 50 ml of glycerol, add sugar and kefir, mix thoroughly and heat in a water bath. The cooled mixture can be applied at night as a humidifier, which will maintain optimal conditions for the seals.

If you have oily skin, you should not forget that it needs to be regularly cleaned of dust and excess sebaceous secretions. For this purpose, it is best to use home scrubs, which are strongly recommended not to do too often. The most common version of a home scrub is coffee grounds with the addition of salt, which is especially carefully applied to the T-zone, and then washed off with cool spring water with the addition of lemon juice. Using a scrub refreshes the appearance of the skin and provides a normalized production of sebum.

The choice of decorative cosmetics for oily skin type should be taken seriously: the texture of the Foundation should not be too dense, because the owners of oily skin already regularly clogged pores, and the powder should be necessarily crumbly, not compact, so that the face skin can breathe. Forget about using the base for makeup, because its silicone consistency is a dense mask falls on the entire face. This complicates the release of skin fat, so it accumulates under the skin, appearing externally as inflammation, acne and acne.

With proper and thorough care for oily skin type, your skin will be able to please you with a healthy appearance and a soft, flawless glow. You should always follow the basic rules of prevention and not be lazy to spend an extra 10 minutes a day on skin care. These daily 10 minutes can give you the skin you’ve always dreamed of.