Elongated bangs: 7 amazing ideas for a trendy look

The right option to add lightness and romance to the image is to make a Bang. We tell you what are now-the most-the most!

Feminine and romantic elongated bangs are officially back in fashion. If you want to update your usual style, why not start with it? In addition, this element of the modern image changes a lot – it refreshes the look, improves the hairstyle, makes the appearance more delicate or, conversely, mysterious and mysterious.

Any haircut with elongated bangs is immediately transformed, and the hairstyle, whether it is loose hair, high tail or collected beam, becomes more stylish and elegant. Below we tell you what options you should try in the new season.

Straight elongated bangs

The eternal classic, which is always in fashion – is a universal straight” grown ” bangs that go beyond the eyebrow line. It can be either thick or rare (especially for owners of thin, sparse hair) in any case, it looks advantageous and allows you to make your hair more presentable. Ideal for short, medium and long strands of any density.

Long bangs-the arch on the two sides

Fashionable bangs in a semicircle (arc) with lengthening on the sides – one of the hits of the season. Its main feature is that this bangs makes the forehead “naked”, which allows you to open your eyes and give the image lightness and playfulness. It is great for owners of long and medium hair of any texture, and is cool combined with both straight and collected in a tail or braid strands.