Ombre for summer: 15 ideas that will inspire change

The summer season is a great time to rethink your own style. And these hair coloring ideas for blonde and blonde girls will convince you to dye your hair right now!

In one of the periods of its existence, the Ombre coloring has acquired a dubious reputation. From the passion for hair color in the fashion of the early 2000s and the famous highlighting with bold, not at all mixed highlights, the Ombre of the early 21st century quickly became an example of what not to do with your hair.

But, of course, by 2019, the time has come when sharp transitions in highlights have replaced soft and smooth transitions from light to dark and Vice versa. We have collected 15 cool modern ideas for blondes and fair-haired women that will make you rethink your summer style.

Ombre on blonde hair

Try this soft beige version of the blonde with dark brown roots, which looks quite natural, as if it is your naturally faded color. Ask your colorist to add a few contrasting highlights to make the image brighter.

Ombre on brown hair

The best thing about this beautiful triple Ombre is that after coloring, you don’t have to run back to the salon in two weeks to refresh the roots. You can safely grow your hair and enjoy the summer-the overall appearance of the curls will not suffer from this.

Ombre on dark brown hair

If you are the owner of dark brown hair and dream of a light Ombre, you do not need to start with a radical change of color. This dark brown shade looks very nice in combination with white and Golden strands along the entire length of the hair.

Ombre in the ash-blond technique

Of course, you can wait for autumn, but we assure you that this cold ashy Ombre will look damn cool even on summer days (and your dark roots will also grow without problems between trips to the salon).

Ombre for short hair

Do you remember that beautiful, light hair color you had as a child? If you feel a certain nostalgia for those times, then this baby blonde will be the most modern adult version that you need. And perfect for short lengths.