Soft Touch: how to dye curly hair without damaging it

Even the safest hair dye may not work if you don’t color curly hair, given its texture. We analyze the most important tips that will help even those who make platinum blonde curls.

Every girl with curly hair has a terrible story, how she got a terrible haircut in the salon or she tried a fashionable color for autumn and burned her hair. Curls need a special approach, as they are sensitive and demanding at the same time.

Naturally, with the wrong coloring, something can go wrong — and beautiful curly hair turns into a bundle of straw. The most important advice on how to keep your hair healthy is to find a good colorist. Below are seven more that will help you!

Sign up for a consultation and explore alternatives to discoloration

Before any staining, it is necessary to come to a consultation. Take photos of hairstyles that you like with you, and then discuss with the colorist whether it is possible to do it on your hair.

Also discuss options for bleaching your hair, if necessary. The oxidizer will not necessarily ruin your hair — if you use it correctly and carefully, this can be avoided. Some colorists believe that any dark hair that needs to be lightened by more than four shades needs peroxide, but this is not the case. However, if your hair already has color, and you want to make a lighter or colder shade, the specialist may have to use peroxide to lift and clean the cuticle.

Use Olaplex

Olaplex has become the best friend of all those who dye their hair-both curls and girls with straight hair. Staining destroy the natural relations in the hair and restores the student agenda was made for them. This way you won’t feel that the structure has changed too much. Colorists mix the care component with paint, and use a professional shampoo and balm to complete the Olaplex procedure. You can also buy home care products to maintain results.