Enemies of your skin: products that cause acne

The saying “you are what you eat” is especially relevant when it comes to skin. Here are the 7 most important causative agents of acne on your beautiful face. To keep your skin always clean and radiant, read about these products and try not to use them

Over the past decade, there have been many compelling scientific studies confirming the link between what you eat and how your skin behaves. So if you are concerned about nasty pimples, you should first review your diet.

Of course, dietary changes alone will not clear your skin, but diet is an important component in a comprehensive acne treatment plan, especially if it seems that topical medications alone do not help. Be patient, remove these products from your kitchen and monitor the changes on your skin (they may not be instant).


It is one of the most aggressive food allergens (in my experience, I assure you). Very often, pimples, especially on the cheeks, mean that in your body there is an allergic reaction to some of the products, and most likely it is eggs. Only the yolk is harmful in this case, so you can continue to enjoy protein in unlimited quantities, but we recommend reducing the use of yolks.

Dried fruits

Fruits are useful, and dried fruits in some aspects, too, but still acne on the face can be from them. It is a refined carbohydrate with a high glycemic index. It causes a sharp jump in blood sugar levels and a subsequent increase in insulin levels. This leads to the production of hormones and can cause pimples on the skin. So try to give preference to fresh fruit when possible.