Fight for beauty: 5 effective tips for caring for problematic body skin

Problem skin is not a Thriller or a nightmare, but the harsh reality of many girls. If you’re among them, it is not necessary to hide under a closed clothing and a hopeless look. You need to gather your strength and still start proper care for the problem skin of the body.

As you know, problem skin can spoil not only the beauty of the face, but also the body. Most often, this is reflected in areas such as the back, shoulders, and decollete area.

Starting the fight for healthy skin, don’t expect it to be easy. You need to make every effort and time to care for the body – the only way the result will exceed all expectations! And open-back dresses and low-cut blouses will finally stop gathering dust in the closet and wait for their finest hour.

Not every girl knows how to take care of problem skin, especially in the cold season. Therefore, we have collected 5 most effective ways. We do not waste time and urgently share our findings!

Tip #1. No longer together

Yes, Yes, you got it right: from this day on, there will be no shampooing with the body! When you clean your hair, all the dust and dirt flows down like a soapy river, clogging the pores and aggravating the problem situation. Is it worth talking about what the skin condition will be after such a shower?

Take note of a simple rule-wash your head and body only separately! So you can solve 2 problems at once: unhealthy skin appearance and freezing in the process of soaping hair in the bathroom.

Tip #2. Game ” Cold-hot»

If you have never played-we advise you to fix it immediately! The benefits of contrast shower have been proven by many dermatologists. It helps not only in the care of problem skin, but also in the General strengthening of the immune system.

If you do not decide to immediately plunge into the icy spray, start with moderate temperatures. First, turn on very hot, but comfortable water for the body, and after 20-30 seconds, rinse under a cold shower. By repeating this simple procedure every day, you will become healthier, more cheerful and more beautiful.

Tip #3. Down with scrubs and hard washcloths!

If you like to properly RUB your already problematic body skin, you will have to change this habit. Dermatologists constantly repeat that too aggressive cleansing can significantly harm the epidermis.

Inflamed skin is easy to injure even a harmless, at first glance, washcloth. The same applies to scrubs with hard abrasive particles. For peeling, it is better to choose gentle products with natural fruit acids.

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