Ghost from the past: nail Piercing has become a new trend in spring 2019

The return of trends from the 90’s is common in the fashion industry, but in nail art, “ghosts from the past” look, to put it mildly, unusual.

At the peak of popularity of ultra-modern and revolutionary gel varnishes, mirror and holographic manicure, it would seem that there is no need to remember the past. However, fans of the original nail art, nevertheless, decided to remember the main trend of the 90’s in manicure, namely nail piercing.

On Instagram, nail piercings have become a real nail hit of the spring. It is a puncture of the nail plate, which is then inserted into the decoration – it can be a small earring for the nail, a ring with a pendant or just a small piece of wire in different shades, successfully in harmony with the color of the varnish.

Piercing is done only on healthy, medium or long nails, but if the nails are brittle or exfoliate, then you should not do such a manicure. It is because of the negative impact on the nail plate and impracticality of piercing that this trend has been criticized by many nail artists, who recommend giving up this decoration in order to preserve the health of the nail plate.