Kegel exercise-elastic buttocks + women’s health

The Kegel exercise for women is a godsend. It perfectly trains the glutes, thighs, lower back and abs, and also improves the health of the genitourinary system!

The history of the Kegel exercise has nothing to do with the fitness industry. The main idea of the author, obstetrician-gynecologist Arnold Kegel, was aimed at training the pelvic and perineal muscles of pregnant women. This same exercise later proved to be a great rehabilitation practice for women who have undergone surgery in the genitourinary system. What about fitness? you ask.

Fitness could not remain on the sidelines, because among other things, the Kegel exercise perfectly trains the glutes, thighs, loins and abs. Provided, of course, that you perform the exercise correctly.


So, let’s figure out how to perform the Kegel exercise.

Прими упор лежа на спине. Ноги согни в коленях. Стопы на ширине плеч и плотно прижаты к полу.

Выполни “подкручивание” таза вверх, не становясь при этом на мост: движение выполняется лишь в пояснице, лопатки остаются плотно прижаты к полу.

With the right technique, the amplitude of the movement will be small, this will not involve extra muscles that will remove the load from the buttocks and thighs that interest us.

Hands can lie on the floor along the torso or on the chest.

Pick up a slow pace of work, so that you can linger slightly each time in the final phase of the rise, while holding your buttocks.

Watch your breath: exhale when you lift your pelvis up.

In order to pump up the buttocks, thighs and press, we recommend performing 3 sets of 30 repetitions.

IT IS INTERESTING: Kegel exercise is widely used to improve erections in men, as well as for the treatment and prevention of hemorrhoids.