Not just the earlobe: stylish ear piercing options

Ear shell piercing is already smoothly moving into the category of classics, which can afford not only shaggy punks and informal people, but also adult women, because it is really stylish and very beautiful

What you need to know before you decide to do this

Depending on the anatomy of your ear, you can get either an external or internal shell piercing. The latter is located inside the ear Cup, right in the center. This is the most popular type of piercing on Instagram.

The external piercing is located all over the bowl, and near the spiral or crest of the ear. But, again, it all depends on your anatomy.

If you decide to do this for the first time and do not know what kind of jewelry to choose, give preference to carnations — they will not go as well as rings, which means that the wound will heal faster. Finally, the ear heals in about six months, until then you may experience slight discomfort.

Don’t rush to put the ring on as soon as you get a piercing. The ear should heal well before this, otherwise you will have bumps and irritations.

And the last, most important question for many is does it hurt? Wherever the needle is inserted, of course, it will hurt. But, in principle, this is completely tolerable, I say from my experience!