Cleansing of the skin. Top rules for healthy and radiant skin.

Cleansing the face is the Foundation on which all care is built.

Without proper cleansing, no expensive products will make the face look younger or improve the quality of the skin. And, it may seem that everyone knows how to wash. After all, this is a fairly simple stage of care, but in fact, as practice shows, almost all of us make mistakes that lead to problems and worsen the results of care as a whole.

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Cleansing the face. The first rule

Of course, this is the choice of means. Regular washing, no matter how scary it may sound, can seriously harm the skin if you choose the wrong means for cleansing. Aggressive surfactants contained in the detergent can cause the skin to become dry and hypersensitive. Soap, the product is alkaline, and they can not clean the skin of the face. What should I do? The answer is simple. You need to choose a washbasin for your skin type, according to your needs.

When choosing a cleaning agent, be sure to pay attention to the composition, it should not contain ingredients such as: SLS, SLES, SMS. These surfactants are often present even in expensive products, because they are cheaper and often the manufacturer saves on softer cleaning components.

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The second rule of washing

This rule says: use cleaning products correctly. This means that cleaning agents are applied for a short period of time and washed off. It is better to apply the product twice than to hold it on your face for a longer time.

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The third rule of purification

Another important nuance is the water temperature. The water should be warm, not hot. Hot water washes away lipids, and too cold can cause vasospasm, which is not useful for everyone.


Fourth rule

All for a cleanser and make-up remover should be washed off. Even micellar water or micellar gel, so that the manufacturer does not write about it . Because miceliari also contains surfactants, just like any other cleanser. However, in this type of product, the surfactant is combined into micelles or spheres of molecules that attract surface contaminants such as dust, grease, and decorative cosmetics, but are less aggressive. The dirt collected by the micelles will remain on the skin if you do not wash. Therefore, it is important that any cleaning agent should be washed off with water.

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Rule five. Tonification

Very often, the toning stage is skipped due to lack of time, and more often due to a lack of understanding of what is needed. Toning is the final stage of cleansing. First of all. In addition, the tonic normalizes the pH of the skin. Moreover, it is the tonic that prepares the skin for applying the active components of the serum or cream. When choosing a tonic, it is important to focus on your skin type.

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Rule six. Skin around eyes

The skin around the eyes requires even more delicate cleansing due to the fact that it is very thin. If you compare the thickness of the skin in this area, it will be comparable to the thickness of a plastic bag. It is easily penetrated by allergens and irritating substances. That is why the skin around the eyes needs a separate soft cleanser. Cleansing movements should be performed strictly along massage lines, you can not collect the skin in folds, due to the lack of subcutaneous fat in this area.