how to treat surfaces from 2020 virus

If you are not used to it, it may take a little longer than normal cleaning. But the family’s safety is worth it.

The coronavirus can live on any object brought from outside for several days. Even going to the store is not safe now, even though we observe a social distance of one and a half to two meters. In our everyday life, the word “disinfection”has taken root imperceptibly and very quickly. Some do it with fanaticism. In order not to go to extremes, we have collected tips on how and what to treat the surface, to definitely get rid of the coronavirus.

1– all surfaces in the house — dining and work tables, chairs, bedside tables, Cabinet doors and dressers — must be wiped using disinfectants. It is desirable that they are based on chlorine or alcohol.

What tools to use

Specialists of Rospotrebnadzor advise to use products with calcium hypochlorite (sodium) in a concentration of at least 0.5% for active chlorine or on the basis of dichlorantin — 0.05% for active chlorine. That is, it is chlorine-containing bleach. Be careful, they are poisonous to humans, you need to use them strictly following the instructions. In addition, for surfaces of a small area during coronavirus, Rospotrebnadzor allowed the use of 70% ethanol.

2 – the Dishes should be disinfected by immersing them in an antibacterial solution for a while. Then rinse with boiling water.

3 – Clean in this order: first clean the corridor, then the kitchen, then all the other rooms. The toilet and bathroom are washed last of all with separate rags. Of course, we use gloves. Rospotrebnadzor advises cleaning not only in rubber gloves (preferably disposable), but also in a special dressing gown or overalls. If you don’t have one, a regular raincoat will do.

4. At the door, you should select the “dirty zone”: there we leave the shoes. Put a can of disinfectant wipes there: when you come from the street, immediately wipe the door handles, keys, and phone, and treat your hands. Then you can undress and go wash your hands properly.

5. Do not forget to regularly air all the rooms in the apartment in turn. During the airing of one room, it is better to be in another, so as not to catch a cold.

6. Pay special attention to door handles and Cabinet handles, chair backs, household appliances, switches — they need to be treated with an antiseptic.

7. In the bathroom, you need to disinfect every day: treat the handles of taps, faucets, drains, sinks with a chlorine-containing agent. In addition, Rospotrebnadzor advises treating toothbrushes and combs with antiseptic.

8.After cleaning, the hands are treated with an alcohol-containing skin antiseptic. Like what? Taking into account the spread of the new coronavirus, Rospotrebnadzor gave special explanations: skin antiseptics containing ethyl alcohol (at least 70%), isopropyl alcohol (at least 60%) or a mixture of alcohols (at least 60%), as well as perfume and cosmetic products (liquids, lotions, gels, disposable wet wipes) with a similar alcohol content can be used for hygienic treatment of hands. In addition, you can make an antiseptic yourself.

9. Products brought from the store or delivered by courier must also be treated for viruses. Boxes and packages should be immediately discarded, hermetically sealed packages should be washed with hot water and soap, and boxes (with cereals or milk, for example) should be treated with an antiseptic. Then wash your hands again. Reusable bags or bags are sent to the Laundry.

10. The products themselves need to be washed as usual. If you are preparing a soup, it is better to drain the first broth.