Scary beautiful: 30+ Halloween makeup ideas

The most mystical holiday of the year is just around the corner, which means that it’s time to choose your makeup for Halloween. Do you want to create an image that will produce a wow effect? Ahead-more than 30 cool options for every taste!

On what other day, if not on Halloween, can you afford the most creepy image and the most stunning make-up? If you are going to a costume party, planning a themed photo shoot, or just want to surprise your friends on Instagram, you should think about your costume and makeup right now.

Choosing an image for Halloween, you should take into account not only the place where you will spend the holiday, but also your personal preferences (you should be comfortable in a new guise). On this day, some people like to cosplay scary characters from horror movies, and some just want to join in the fun without putting on a bloody mask and a hell of a costume. The most popular Halloween images are brides-corpses, creepy clowns, nuns, monsters, villains, pumpkins, mystical creatures, scary skeletons and, of course, movie characters of different genres.

Макияж на Хэллоуин

This year, especially relevant will be characters from “game of thrones” (Jon snow, Daenerys, Cersei, King of the Night), fantasy (“spider-Man”, “venom”, “Captain marvel”, “the Avengers”, “Maleficent”, “Aladdin” and many others), cartoons (“the Addams Family”, “Cold heart”, “the lion King”), as well as horror (“the Curse of Annabel”, “We”, “It”, “the Curse nuns”, “they”, etc.).

Анна Хилькевич макияж на Хэллоуин

If you are used to preparing complex images for this holiday, try makeup in the style of the clown Pennywise from “It”, venom or the King of the Night from “Game of thrones”. Less complex versions-Arthur Fleck from “the Joker”, Annabel doll, Nun, more feminine – Daenerys, Cersei, Princess Jasmine, Captain marvel, etc.

But in fact, the choice of images is limitless. Just do the makeup for Halloween 2019 that you like, given the desired goal – to scare, surprise, or just have fun. Below we have collected fifty brilliant ideas with photos and video instructions that are worth repeating this year. Choose your option and enjoy the upcoming holiday!

Макияж на Хэллоуин для девушки
Макияж на Хэллоуин
Макияж на Хэллоуин Аннабель
Несложный макияж на Хэллоуин
Hallowen makeup 2019 ideas
Страшный макияж на Хэллоуин
Хэллоуин макияж
Hallowen makeup 2019
Макияж на Хэллоуин 2019 для девушки
Макияж Хэллоуин идеи
Макияж на Хэллоуин червовая дама
Легкий макияж на Хэллоуин
Образ на Хэллоуин
Макияж Хэллоуин
Макияж Хэллоуин 2019
Образ на Хэллоуин 2019
Макияж Хэллоуин 2019
Макияж на Хэллоуин девушке
Макияж на Хэллоуин клоун Пеннивайз
Образ на Хэллоуин
Макияж на Хэллоуин идеи
Образы Хэллоуин 2019
Идеи Хэллоуин
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Образ Хэллоуин
страшный образ на Хэллоуин

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