Where to hide a cat’s toilet

The cat toilet is unsightly and sometimes smells, it is generally a nuisance, but if You have a cat, you have to have a cat toilet.

Every cat owner thinks about where you can most successfully place a cat toilet. And yet, when the tray is caught in the eye, it involuntarily causes a grimace. It’s time to fix it! Look at these unusual ideas of how to hide a cat’s toilet, and smile, and perhaps some will even be useful.

Cat toilet in the bench

This bench, bought in a hardware, furniture or online store, has space that can be used for a cat toilet. There is also a separate compartment for the filler. It has holes in the sides to provide sufficient ventilation. One door can be closed to remove the filler compartment from view.

Hide the cat’s toilet in the Cabinet

Life in a small apartment has several features, including the problem of placing a toilet for a furry pet. Is there a place for it and additional space to hide a not very aesthetic item? Make yourself a table where you can place it. When the doors are closed, no one can even guess what is hidden there.

Curtains will hide the excess

This idea can be a beautiful way to hide a cat’s toilet. Bright fabric will enliven a small table and become a convenient place for your pet. Strips of Velcro can open the curtain slightly, so that the cat was comfortable to get there. However, it is easy enough to pull down and Your guests will be sure that You just updated a boring piece of furniture.

Wooden house

To make such a box for a cat, you do not need special skills. Simply connect two wooden boxes together and cut out an opening large enough for the kitten to enter comfortably. If you fix it with hinges, the design will be more convenient.

Lovers of Pets and plants will definitely like this item! The cat’s toilet was perfectly disguised as a flower pot. It can be painted in the color that will match Your interior.

Old cabinet

Do not rush to throw away the old small Cabinet. Just update the paint and place everything you need for Your pet. There is enough space for a tray, and the shelf will hide the filler, feed, bowls and various small things.

The neckline in the closet

Do you want to put a cat toilet in a small bathroom? Cut a hole in the Cabinet under the sink and put the box inside. Then the toilet will not get in the way and it will be easy to get both Your cat and You to clean up. This curly cutout will be especially interesting.

Idea from IKEA how to hide a cat toilet

Oh, IKEA, what would we do without you? This time we took one of the simple white cabinets, cut a hole in the side and installed a valve for additional smell control. You would never have guessed it was a cat litter box.

Bright box

Who says You have to buy something to hide a cat’s toilet? If you have certain skills, make an independent house with a removable roof and it will be as convenient as a wardrobe or bench.

This bright blue box will not leave cat lovers indifferent!

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