Puppy training: obedience

Every owner wants to have an obedient pet. This means that the lion’s share of puppy training is aimed at developing obedience in a variety of situations and conditions. How to properly organize puppy training: obedience?

Puppy training: obedience

Puppy training and obedience usually include basic commands that allow you to control the dog both at home and on a city street, in a cafe, in a Park, among other dogs, or while traveling. Moreover, if the classes are built correctly, the instructor works more with you, and not with the puppy, and then you yourself are engaged with the pet.

What skills and commands does training a puppy for obedience include

Training a puppy for obedience usually includes the following skills and commands:

  1. To me.
  2. Near (or movement on a sagging leash).
  3. Sit.
  4. Lie.
  5. To stand.
  6. Extract.
  7. Forbidding commands (Fu or not).

If the training of a puppy for obedience goes correctly, as a result you get a fun, active dog that is happy to cooperate with you and which is a pleasure to deal with. And you understand your pet much better and can anticipate its actions.

To train a dog for obedience, it is not necessary to contact a dog handler and go to the training area. You can train a puppy by yourself, for example, with the help of online tutorials or video courses. It is important that the specialist works with humane methods.

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