Today’s article will be devoted to the choice of names for girls ‘ puppies of the Siberian husky breed. These cute dogs are constantly popular in our country, where they were once bred, although officially the breed is considered American. Having previously served as sled dogs in harsh Northern conditions, today huskies are excellent companion animals. Their best qualities are good weather tolerance, open friendly disposition, sharp mind and high level of mobility. Siberian huskies are great friends for active modern people and families with children.

Choosing a name for a husky girl

When starting to choose a name for your new pet, the owner will have to turn on the imagination to the maximum. In no case should you give the dog the first name that comes across, it is better to spend a few days thinking. We will offer a variety of names that may be suitable for the beautiful husky:

Choosing a name for a husky girl
  • You can call a husky girl a beautiful foreign name. Let’s start with American women’s names with meaning: Alana (beautiful), Amelie (hardworking), avalon (Apple), Alyss (noble), Brooke (brook), Blanche (white), Beverly (beaver), wood (forest), Gweneth (happiness), Goldie (Golden), glory (glory), Darcy (sparkling), Doris (funny), candy candy, Kelly – blonde, Claire (clear), Leslie (oak grove), Larry (restless), Miranda (admirable), Meryl (sea), Obie (obedient), Audrey (noble strength), Pamela (honey), Peggy (pearl), Ruthie (friendly), Ricky (sporty), Roxy (dawn), Sally (Princess), Sunday (Sunday), Tera (earth), Hannah (kind), Helen (light), Hazy (unpredictable), Chelsea (port), sherry (favorite), Elinor (cowgirl), Chloe (mighty), Ashley (Famous);
  • Now let’s look at beautiful names that are popular in other countries. To begin with, a few French names: Agnis (smart), Arlet (eagle), Beatrice (wanderer), Giselle (arrow), Juliet (young), INES (wise), Zoe (life), Clemens (tenderness), Marthe (lady), Sophie (wisdom). And now let’s list the popular Italian names: Alba (dawn), Azzerra (blue sky), Bianca (white), Gemma (precious stone), Grazia (pleasant), Ginevra (white race), Itelia (Italy), Mimi (favorite), Nerina (water), Celia (heaven). Among the German names, you can also choose something to your taste: Astrid (goddess of beauty), Berta (magnificent), Wilda (wild), Dagmar (daytime), Zelda (gray maiden), Ottila (rich), Senta (growing), Frok (little lady), Holly (power of the elf);
  • Foreign names are good, but Russian names are no worse, but it is advisable not to give the dog a common name (like Masha or Katya). You can pay attention to the rare Russian names in our days: Assol (to the sun), Aglaia (Shine, beauty), Ariadna (pure), Anisia (beneficial), Agnia (immaculate), Vsemila (all sweet), Mlada (young), Lyubava (beloved), Radmila (sweet), Yarolika (sun-loving), Taisya (wise), Pelageya (sea), Glafira (skilful), Ustinya (fair), Marfa (lady), Pavla (baby), Melania (tanned), Malusha (small), Yesenia (clear sky), Tsvetana (blooming);
  • Unusual and beautiful nicknames for husky girls can be given in honor of beautiful flowers: Armeria, Ardizia, Azalea, Aster, Bokarnea, Berginia, Begonia, Verbena, Ginura, Godecia, Gesneria, Dionea, Jasmine, Zamia, Ipomea, iris, Camellia, Lavender, Lantana, Maranta, mallow, Pilea, Sabal, Violet, Freesia, Erantis. And you can also dig into the names of trees: Quince, acacia, Ahra, Vampi, Jambu, jacaranda, Willow, ilama, Kariya, Kauri, Ceiba, Sequoia (so it is unlikely that anyone will call their dog);
  • Choosing names for husky girls, you can pay attention to the beautiful names of geographical objects. Take rivers, for example: Angara, Amazon, Missouri, Volga, Volta Kama, Zambezi, Kassai, Vyatka, Iriri, Zea, Ottawa, Elba. Or you can study the names of mountains: Avala, Bental, Guy, Jai, Lelia, Mabu, nebo, the Roman, Umbi;
Choosing a name for a husky girl
  • A name for a girl dog of the Siberian husky breed may reflect its habit or character trait. For example, an overly playful tailed beauty can be called a Fidget, Fun, Igrukhoy, Plague, Bundle, Leapfrog, Minx, Devil. An obedient and calm little girl-a Doka, a Smart girl or a smart Girl, a Head, a Pro, an excellent Student. Sly husky will fit these names: Fox, Bake, Thing, Trick, Cunning, Sly, Proydesa. Just to give a name by character, you will have to watch your new pet for at least a couple of days;
  • Siberian huskies are dogs that can easily tolerate low temperatures, because their ancestors originally served for the northerners as hardy sledge workers. So it will be quite reasonable if the names for the husky girls will be cold in the North: Snowstorm or snowstorm, frost, Winter, winter, Blizzard, Blizzard, Snow, snowflake, ice, ice Cream, Arctic, Antarctica;
  • The distinctive features of almost all Siberian huskies are activity and playfulness from birth to old age. Nicknames for husky girls may well be funny (but not abusive or offensive): Madame, kozyavka, Yaga, tyutelka, Cat, jig, Gluttonous, splyukha, pupyrka, kusia, Godzilla, sprat, typo, Chita-drita, rascal, Nonsense, Egoza, Matryoshka, Gauze, Swell, Fury, small, Small, Small (Siberian husky dogs are not small, because deliberately diminutive nicknames will sound funny), Kusinya, Pipka, huhra, Pipette, FIFA, Pedal, Dragonfly, star, Solace, Guess, Hana, Charisma, Karamba, thought, Grumble, Vodka, aunt – Motya;
  • The coat color of Siberian huskies can vary from black to white, from fawn to gray. It will come in handy if you call a dog girl husky by a name that will be associated with the color of its chic coat. So, a dog with a predominant white color can be called sugar, Weasel, Flour, Cloud, White, with gray-shadow, gray, Steel, silver, Mousie, with black-Wax, African, Mystic or misty, Voodoo, Magic, Blackie, Find. Well a fawn husky can be given this name: Candle, Moon, Moon, Sun, Coin, Penny;
Choosing a name for a husky girl
  • You can name a girl puppy of the Siberian husky breed in the same way as popular characters in animated and movie films, video games, and literary works are called. You can also use the names of domestic and foreign artists, fashion designers, writers, athletes. Here are some examples: Starfire, Shapoklyak, Anfiska, Miss marvel, Ariel, Psylocke, Bagheera, Arieti, cortana, Supergirl, Tinker bell, Zatanna, Cinderella, Marple, Versace, Chanel, Monroe, Christie, riquel, Prada;
  • Nicknames of Siberian husky girls can be associated with the professional activities or Hobbies of their owners or owners. A dance lover can name his pet as follows: Salsa, Samba, Rumba, Boogie-Woogie, Mambo, Lambada, Flamenco, Bolero, Cumbia, Macareno, Electro, Cha-cha-cha. And the cook may like such “delicious” names: Cheesecake, azu, Pizza, Sushi, Wasabi, Smuzzy, Paella, Marshmallow, Pie, Oatmeal, Berry (cherry, raspberry, Blueberry);
  • The name for a husky girl puppy can be given in honor of any mythological heroine, for example: Andromeda, alphea, Medea, Cerceia, Undine, Eurydice, Danae, Lithea, Orteia, Calypso, Themis, Demeter, Athena, Naiad, Aura, Clio, Erato, Nymph.

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