A perky Labrador Retriever puppy has appeared in the house, and a suitable nickname has not yet been invented for it? Not a problem! In this article, we will discuss which name for a Labrador can be relevant.

Choosing a nickname for a Labrador puppy

Let’s look at how to choose a beautiful name for a Labrador:

Choosing a nickname for a Labrador puppy
  • The nickname for a Labrador can be related to the color of its fur. As you know, the recognized colors of this breed are black, fawn (yellow) and brown (chocolate). So, black boys can be called space, Cosmos, black, Schwartz, Graphite, Anthracite, Coal, and girls with a fur coat of the same color-Night, Find, Noir, Blueberry, olive, Resin, Dark, misty. Fawn males will be called yellow, Cheddar, Cheese, Cheese, Ray, bitches-Straw, Coin, Moon, moon, sun. Well, brown Labrador boys can be called brown, Coconut, nutmeg, Mulatto, iris, girls-Cinnamon, brownie, Africa, Cola, Arabica, chocolate;
  • You can name a Labrador boy originally in honor of any famous brand: Tuborg, Amstel, Boeing, Pixar, Intel, Mercedes, Harley, Sony, Lipton. For girls, you can also choose a name on the same principle: Nivea, Fuji, Yamaha, Honda, Nokia, Londa, Vella, IKEA;
  • Labradors-dogs are funny, they will no doubt go funny nicknames. So, the male can be called Seasoned, Hog, King, nuggets, Doshirak, Vampire, Pepper, Macho, Motor, Zombie, Crocodile, Shpuntik, Zhivchik, Casanova, mosquito, Gluttonous, Casus, OK, Troll, Pistol, Plumb, Gorynych, Ogloed, Troglodyte, Man. Funny name for a Labrador girl: Baby (Button, Fly and similar nicknames that do not correspond to the solid dimensions of Labradors), Sausage, chicken, Pupyrka, kozyulya, Zyuzya, Dyudyuka, Adjika, Jaundice, Glucose, Hiccups, Sausage, Tablet, Madame, Mamzel, Charmer, Pipka, Extra, hedgehog, Splinter, Egoza;
  • Names for Labrador dogs can be given in someone’s honor. A boy, for example, can be named after a dog from a cartoon or movie: Balto, BIM, Gromit, Tramp, Dino, Odie, Pluto, rintin, Scooby-Doo, Snoopy. The beautiful Labrador can be given the name of a mythological character: Morgana, Iele, Nymph, Oceanid, Siren, Naiad, Phoenix, Dryad, Gorgon. And you can also experiment with the names of writers (Chekhov, Shakespeare, Dumas, Barto, taffy), heroes of books (Onegin, Frodo, Sherlock), movies (the Joker, Indiana, Corleone), pop stars (Shakira, Gaga, Dalida), Actresses (Knightley, ferrow, Dietrich, Marceau, Ajani), and perhaps even politicians;
  • A nickname for a Labrador boy can be chosen according to his character. For example, a serious and smart Labrador can be called as follows: Leader, Pharaoh, Smart guy, excellent student, Captain, Favorite, Leader, Genius, Umka. And for a girl who has a soft and cheerful disposition, the following nicknames are suitable: Weasel or Weasel, Darling, Mimi, Nega, Fun, Cutie;
Choosing a nickname for a Labrador puppy
  • You can call a Labrador girl the name of a beautiful plant: Aster, Maranta, Azalea, Gardenia, Zamia, Lantana, Kalmia, Violet, Echmea, marshmallow. For a boy, a name in honor of a precious stone will sound beautiful: Sapphire, Diamond, Amethyst, Onyx, Garnet, Topaz, amber;
  • Names for Labrador dogs can be foreign: Alan, Henry, Herman, Oliver, Oscar, Charlie, Eric, Bruno, Luca, August, Marcel, Tyler, Greg, Kevin, Darren, Martin, Bob, guy, don, Dean, Ron, Jean, Leo, Theo, Kai, Sam, May, Sean for boys. You can choose beautiful names for girls: Bella, Kayla, Sandra, Chloe, Charlotte, Odile, Vivian, Martha, Sophia, Lauren, glory, Mary, Greta, Helga, sherry, Laura. For ease of memorization, you can give preference to short names consisting of only 3 letters: Leia, Ani, Aza, lia, MIA, Uma, TIA, Obi, Rhea, Fiya, yuna. Note that not only European, but also Asian names will sound noble: Arman, Safar, Khoja, Damir, Heydar, Zair, Mustafa, Badri, Shalva, Anzur (for boys), Leila, Rani, Jaya, Suman, Nigora, Asmira, neina, Arzu, Parisa, Sate (for girls);
  • In society, Labradors are often mistaken for serene minx who spend most of their time playing games, but their vocation is hunting. These are hunting dogs that help the owner-hunter to bring the shot game from the water or thickets. So it is quite reasonable if the nickname for a Labrador boy or girl will be hunting: Sport, hunter, Throw, Excitement, Hero, Patron, Golden eagle, Nagan, Ataman (for a male), Bullet, Shell, Hunting, spark, Arrow, Thunder (for a bitch);
  • Labradors are excellent swimmers, they love to dive, frolic with the owner in the water, swim with him in a race. Therefore, the nickname for a Labrador girl and boy can be associated with the water element: Wave, Drop, Volga, river, ocean, Stream, Water, Baikal, English channel, Gibraltar, Dive;
  • The name for a Labrador boy may be related to the owner’s professional activity. For example, a math teacher can name a pet an Axiom, Theorem, Median, Algebra, Number, Matrix, Constant, and a dog-Tangent, Cosine, Sine, Pythagoras, Vector, Degree, Radian, Ellipse.

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