Good vision is the main weapon of any cat. The majority of purring until old age retains a keen vision. But almost all kittens are born completely blind. In exceptional cases, babies may be born with their eyes slightly open, but this is extremely rare. In this article, we will discuss what day kittens open their eyes after birth.

When kittens open their eyes

Newborn kittens are small blind and deaf lumps that can not fully move, except for weakly crawling and turning the head from side to side. However, it is still impossible to call even such crumbs completely helpless, since kittens from birth have relatively well-developed senses of smell and touch. But until the auditory passages and eyes are opened, the babies will remain not too active, depending entirely on the mother cat.

How many days do kittens open their eyes after birth? Most often, the process of opening the eyes begins in cats on 10-12 days of life, but some Pets see a little earlier, while others may remain blind up to 3 weeks of life. So, Siamese cats, representatives of the breed Devon Rex and Cornish Rex, as well as hairless sphinxes can open their eyes on 2-5 days of life, but in ragdolls and Maine coons-on 16-19 days. By the way, kittens begin to hear at about the same time as they begin to see (i.e., on average, after 12 days of life). Thus, in the silent darkness, baby kittens do not stay so long.

When kittens open their eyes

Based on the following data, you can roughly predict when the kittens will open their eyes:

  1. Mother’s age. In young cats-the firstborn and very old cats are often born very weak kittens. They start to see relatively late, slowly gain weight, and are susceptible to various diseases due to a weak immune system. Kittens from healthy middle-aged cats grow stronger and become sighted first;
  2. Duration of pregnancy in a cat. The less time a cat spends on carrying kittens, the later they will start opening their eyes. On average, the duration of gestation of offspring in females is about 63 days, but sometimes cats are born premature babies;
  3. Gender of the kitten. In females, the eyes begin to open a couple of days earlier than in males from the same litter;
  4. Length of the coat. Shorthair kittens begin to open their eyes a little earlier than their long-haired counterparts (for example, almost bald sphinxes are sometimes born with their eyes slightly open, while the same fuzzy Persians remain blind for the first two weeks of life).

We have already found that kittens open their eyes after birth for an average of 10-14 days. Blinded eyelids do not open completely immediately. At first, a small slit appears between the lower and upper eyelids, but after about a week, you can see what the cut of the baby’s eyes will be.

In all kittens in the first week after the opening of the eyelids, the eyes remain cloudy, their color is gray-blue. During this period, small animals do not see clearly all that is happening around them. But they can already distinguish light from dark, large objects from small ones. Approximate permanent (adult) eye color in a kitten is established only by 3 months of life. And already in 6 months, you can accurately find out what color your pet’s eyes will be.

What the owner of a blind kitten should know about

The first weeks of life kittens are completely dependent on their mother. The cat not only feeds the young with milk, but also warms them with the warmth of its body, protects them from danger and licks the fur of the babies. And the owner can become an assistant to the cat-mother, providing her and her children with comfortable conditions:

What the owner of a blind kitten should know about
  1. In a nest where kittens with a cat spend all their time, it must be clean. Very often, kids get sore eyes because of the dirty beds;
  2. The couch with the kittens and the cat should be placed in a moderately warm room without drafts. It is important that the resting place of animals does not fall into the sun’s rays. Only the opening eyes of kittens should be protected from sunburn;
  3. To prevent the development of conjunctivitis (inflammation of the mucous membrane of the eye), the eyes of kittens can be wiped from the outer corner to the inner with a cotton swab dipped in a cooled and filtered chamomile or calendula broth. Suitable and freshly brewed strong tea (you can use green or black strained and non-hot tea without additives). Instead of herbal decoctions and tea, you can use a solution of Furatsilina or veterinary drops Diamond eyes. If the kitten has purulent discharge from the eyes, you need to seek help from a veterinarian. Uncontrolled use of eye drops with an antibiotic to treat kittens can lead to undesirable consequences;
  4. Usually opening the eyes of tailed babies is simple and fast enough. Today, the eyelids of a small cat are tightly compressed, tomorrow its eyes look like small slits, and a few days later they are completely open. But in some situations, a blind child may need help. What should I do if the kittens don’t open their eyes? First of all, we need to think, is it too early to raise a panic? So, representatives of long-haired breeds can easily open their eyes only by the 18-22 day of life, as already mentioned above. However, if all the allowed time has passed, and the kitten is still blind, the owner will either have to carefully try to glue the eyelids of the pet with clean hands, or seek help from a doctor. A specialist will prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs and eye massage to the kitten, which will eliminate the problem of fused eyelids. As a rule, it rarely comes to surgical intervention.

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