Easter eggs made of beads

Easter is a great joyous and bright holiday. Christians give each other Easter eggs, which symbolize new life, good and grace. From an ordinary egg, you can create a whole masterpiece. In this article we will look at: how to make Easter eggs from beads with your own hands.

Pasting eggs with beads

Pasting eggs with beads is the easiest and most intuitive way, compared to braiding. Working with beads is very laborious and requires a sufficient amount of time.

You will need: hard-boiled eggs, beads, PVA glue, toothpicks, food dye, dry napkins, a simple pencil, thin fishing line or nylon threads.

Method №1

  • Dip the hot boiled eggs in food coloring.
  • Twist the eggs in the dyes so that they are evenly colored on all sides.
  • Place the eggs on a dry cloth and wait until they are dry.
  • Apply a drawing or pattern (if desired) to the surface of the shell with a simple pencil.
  • Apply a strip of PVA glue and use a toothpick to glue the beads.

Method №2

  • Follow (1-3) the steps listed in method # 1, or take a plastic egg.
  • Thread the beads on a thin line in one row.
  • Smear the egg with PVA glue.
  • Attach the end of the bead thread well. (You can start working from the end or from the middle of the egg).
  • Start twisting the bead thread around the egg.
  • Glue single beads to the tapering ends of the egg using a toothpick.

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